How Much Will Installation Cost?

Exact price is based on:

  • specific market or product type
  • make, model and year of vehicle
  • required parts
  • additional charges may apply for additional labor, material or custom labor
Installation Service: Estimated Price Range:
Cell Phone Hands-Free Kit $78 and up
iPod/MP3 Player $58 and up
Head unit $48 and up
Double Din $158 and up
Speakers - 1 pair (basic) $38 and up
Component Speakers - 1 pair (basic) $68 and up
Speaker to RCA adapter $28 and up
Remote Power adapter $28 and up
Amplifier 2-channel $68 and up
Amplifier 4-channel $78 and up
Capacitor (1 Farad) $38 and up
Satellite Radio $68 and up
Mobile Video System $168 and up
Back Up Camera (most cars) $88 and up
Back Up Sensor (2 sensors) $108 and up
CD Changer (FM Modulated) $68 and up
CD Changer (Direct to radio) $58 and up
Fog Lights (1 pair) $58 and up
Electrical Troubleshoot (basic) $148 and up