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The Facts About “Factory Security”

  • value-priced vehicles might sometimes have immobilizers, but they rarely have a security system
  • mid-level vehicles usually have immobilizers, but they rarely have real security systems
  • luxury vehicles usually have immobilizers and sometimes door sensors, but they rarely have additional sensors that protect your vehicles contents or protect your vehicle from being towed away

Do You Have a False Sense of Security?

Here's an easy test to see if your car has real security:

  • lock your doors with the remote, but leave one window part-way down
  • now reach in, unlock the door and open it

No honking horn? NO PROTECTION!

“My horn started honking, so I'm fully protected, right?”

Even if your horn honked, there's over a 90% chance that you have no protection against a thief breaking the windows and stealing what's inside or from putting your vehicle on a tow truck and driving off with it. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the vehicles made today have shock or audio sensors.

“My horn didn't honk, so I don't have an alarm. What do I have then?”

  • You may have some kind of immobilizer (computer chip in the key) designed to prevent the thief from “hot wiring” your car. Unfortunately, this offers no protection against content theft or from the thief towing your vehicle away.
  • You may have basic keyless entry, which locks and unlocks your doors. Unfortunately, that may be all you have.