Return Policy for Online Purchases

Products must be in original condition and with original boxes. Shipping cost is not refundable, and shipping cost for returned products is at customer's expense.

Badminton & Tennis Policy

All sales are final. Yonex badminton & tennis rackets have one year warranty to their original owners from Yonex. Each serial number will be replaced once and a receipt is required for proof of purchase. Yonex Corporation USA warrants, to the original purchaser, its badminton frames purchased from a Yonex authorized retailer to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, when used in the manner intended, for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. Shipping, insurance, & handling charge is $10 paid to UPS to deliver the racket to Yonex. Subject to inspection and evaluation, Yonex USA will, without charge to the consumer, replace any badminton frame that is defective or becomes defective during normal use within the warranty coverage period. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by a third party. Yonex USA does not warrant its pre-strung badminton frames against string breakage. This does not cover cosmetic blemishes or damage caused by normal wear and tear. This warrant does not cover badminton frames with excessive wear, that were improperly strung (including, but not limited to, any deviation from the officially designated stringing pattern), found to be strung at an excessive tension, damaged from excessive heat, found to have identifiable impact marks and/or excessive scratches deemed to be in locations not consistent with normal wear. Promotional products and items designated specifically for demonstration purposes are not covered by any warranty. Lastly, this warranty does not extend coverage to badminton frames replaced by Yonex USA as a part of any previous warranty claim.

Policy for Shoes

For customers that live in San Diego, California. Please be informed that we offer to come in to try out our shoes in order to find out your size for FREE with a shoes purchase. $10 initial service charge to try shoes out and not make a purchase. Thank you to those that do not want to waste our time by using our retail store to see and try out our badminton supplies then purchase them online for another price. Online stores have less overhead cost compared with retail store like ours since most of them work from their home. Also, without a retail store, online stores may close down their web site and customers would be out of luck on their rackets warranty. Additionally, online stores do not have to pay rent. On the other hand, stores like Digi Sports have a retail and an online store are great. We can reach out to other customers living in other states.

Car Audio Policy

Open PDF file

Window Tint Policy

We provide three, five, or lifetime warranty. Please click on the “Window Tint Automotive” for more information. FELT product is recommended at additional cost to prevent scratch marks that are caused by tight door panels on some vehicles. Warranty is void for scratch marks when FELT is not installed. Additionally, dot matrix on some vehicles may require vinyl to be installed at extra cost to make the appearance on the rear window look nicer. Lastly, if customers want to make a claim on window tint, please make sure to leave the tint in question on the windows as proof.

Policy for Legal Problems

Digi Sports will not be responsible for any legal fees associated with customers that want to take us to the court of law. We have been in business since March 15, 2000. For our retail store, we opened on August 9, 2004. We have provided many customers with great satisfaction on our products and services. For those customers that are looking for quick money from trying to blame us on vehicle problems that are not related to our job, Digi Sports will not tolerate it. We will resolve it in the court of law. Please be advised that knowledge is the reason that we are still in business.

Electrical Diagnostic Policy

We charge $100 minimum. This initial diagnostic charge does not include additional parts and labor that may be necessary to resolve the problem. Digi Sports will inform the customer of the problem once it is determined, then will offer two options. Option one is to inform of the problem for one price added to the $100 initial charge. Option number two is we will inform of the problem and resolve it for another price added to the $100 initial charge. For customers that want Digi Sports to ONLY find out the electrical problem (s), please state so before the job is started.

Online Shopping Information

We accept Visa and Mastercard. When “Add to Cart” is clicked, Shopsite will appear on the URL. Shopsite is a shopping cart program that allows Digi Sports to provide online purchases. All personal and credit card information will be encrypted before transmission through Secure Socket Layer. Hosting service for Digi Sports is provided by Fatcow. Shopping with Digi Sports is secured.

Purchase price Shipping cost
under $139 $15
$140 - $240 $12
$241 and up FREE*

*Free shipping is on regular price only, it excludes all items on sale. We will ship to Canada via USPS, however, we do not ship to other countries. United States orders will be shipped via UPS or USPS. Regular shipping usually takes 3-7 business days depending on how far from San Diego, California the customer's destination is. Express shipping is also available for additional cost. We release our shipping responsibility to the shipper once the shipment leaves our store. Additionally, the customer's credit card will not be charged until product is ready to be shipped.