Car Window Tinting

  • Look cool
  • Add privacy
  • Protect interior

Amazing Benefits of Window Films

Decreases Heat

Reject up to 43% of heat when your car windows are tinted with window film. Driving around San Diego will be more pleasant when the sun isn't too harsh on your skin.

Reduces Fading

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary cause of fading. Block out 99% of harmful UV rays with any tint shade you choose to protect your car's interior.

Increases Safety and Security

Window film will hold your glass together in case of an accident, preventing the dangerous shards of glass from flying everywhere!

Adding privacy with darker shades of tint will make it more difficult for smash-and-grab thieves to spot your belongings without looking suspicious.

Your Choice of Tint Shades

Discover Why People Choose Us

Customer Referral

Recommendations are powerful. 3 out of 5 new customers who choose Digi Sports for window tinting service are referred by a friend or family member who was impressed with the team at Digi Sports.

Outstanding Customer Service

See for youself. Stop by to meet and interact with the friendly staff of Digi Sports.

Computerized Cutting

We use ComputerCut to:

  • digitally generate and cut window tint patterns to your vehicle's specifications
  • ensure the best tint service every time

This computerized film-cutting system accurately and efficiently cuts window film for your specific car windows.

Over 22 Years of Experience

Anyone can learn how to apply film onto car windows if you put your mind to it. But with 22 years of experience, we've worked on 1000s of different cars. At Digi Sports, your vehicle is in the hands of people who know what they're doing.

Yelp Reviews

1 out of 5 new customers said that after reading reviews abouts Digi Sports on Yelp, they liked what they saw.

Understand Your Needs

Set an appointment that works best for you and your schedule. Your car will be returned within the same day.

We all have different preferences. You'll have freedom to choose a lighter shade of tint for your front windows, while choosing a darker tint for the rear.

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Honda Accord windows tinted

Auto Tint Inspiration

Deciding what tint shade to go with? Get inspired by some pictures of different cars Digi Sports has worked on.

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Additional Information

Factory Match Color
non-reflective, universal black closely matches factory tinted windows

Durable Construction
long lasting, dual-ply color stable layers

Signal Safe
non-conductive, compatible with GPS and radio signal devices

Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays
reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes

CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat
better durability, protection and clarity

Backed by Johnson Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program

State Law Chart (PDF file)