Power Door Locks

1 Power Door Lock: Starting at $98 per door for most vehicles

4 Power Door Locks: Starting at $392 for most vehicles

Warranty: 1 year on parts, lifetime labor

SPAL Power Window Kit

This standard power window kit is suitable for the front or rear doors of nearly every type of vehicle. Features thermal overload protection and works with all switches, OEM and aftermarket.

2-Window Kit Price: $998, MSRP: $1,500

4-Window Kit Price: $1,996, MSRP: $3,000

Today's driver has become accustomed to the convenience of Power Windows. Suitable for the front and rear doors of nearly every type of vehicle. Why settle for cumbersome, crank-style windows when you can have the ease of Power Windows at your fingertips. SPAL has incorporated state-of-the-art components and technology to create Power Windows which consistently perform as well as or better than Power Windows from the manufacturer. Because of their experience and attention to detail, the SPAL Power Window system is proven to provide fast, quiet, and reliable performance. Works with window that have regulator with all switches, OEM, and aftermarket. Add SPAL Power Windows at Digi Sports.


Spal warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods of time from date of manufacture to the original purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any product damaged by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improper line voltage, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God, or if the product was altered or repaired by anyone other than SPAL. Any returned out of date product will be disposed of 30 days after receipt unless instructed otherwise. 24 months from manufacture and 60 days with Digi Sports and lifetime labor guaranteed.