Yonex Wave Grip AC104EX

Learn to Grip a Racket

At Digi Sports, not only will you get a product, but you will also get a mini-tutorial in how to properly grip your racket—valuable knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Already know how to grip a racket but want us to do it for you? Upon request, we'd be glad to help you grip your racquet as a FREE SERVICE at your next purchase!

Yonex Super Grap (white)

Super Grap AC102EX
(3 grips)


Yonex Super Grap (30-pack)

Super Grap AC102EX-30
(30 grips)


Yonex Towel Grip

Towel Grip AC402EX
(1 grip)


Yonex Wave Grap

Wave Grap AC104EX
(1 grip)


Yonex Wristbands

Wrist Bands AC489EX


Yonex Shower Towel

Towel AC705WEX