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Guide to Buying a Badminton Racket: Balance Points

Buying a racket you’ll enjoy playing badminton with can be frustrating. In fact, most people who shop at our store spend at least 30 minutes deciding. But that’s okay! I encourage you to take your time. I mean, who likes to spend money on a product they won’t enjoy later down the road?

I want you to be happy with your racket purchase, so let me help you choose a racket.

First, we have to answer the question that I get asked all the time: “what are the differences between these rackets?”

One thing you want to consider when shopping for badminton rackets is balance points — head-heavy, head-light or even balance. Another thing to consider is the different flexes — flexible, medium, stiff or extra stiff. With all things considered, selecting a racket you’ll love can be a difficult choice to make.

In this post, I explain what the different balance points are and what benefits they provide — power, speed or control. My goal in writing this is to help you in the first step to choosing a badminton racket. So, what kind of racket are you looking for?



“Should I use a racket made for power?”

head-heavy, power rackets


Look, I get it — as humans, we have a natural drive to compete and it’s very evident when it comes to sports. Our instinct tells us that, in order to beat our opponent, we need to be aggressive.

Rackets made for power will help you achieve this. They’re designed to help boost the power of your shots. However, power rackets won’t suit everyone and I’ll tell you why.

Power performance rackets are typically head-heavier than rackets that perform better for speed or control. Some of us (myself included) don’t have the muscle strength to use head-heavy rackets. Yes, you can use power rackets if you want to but I want to warn you that, if you don’t have strong muscles, you might feel discomfort in your arm and shoulder after playing with it (I learned the hard way).


  • head-heavy rackets


  • smashing
  • clearing



“I want a racket that’s designed for speed!”

head-light, speed rackets


Now, if you can’t utilize a power racket, on the other end of the spectrum are rackets made for speed.

Badminton generates one of the fastest moving objects in sports. According to Guinness World Records, the fastest hit birdie — aka shuttlecock — in a competition was set by Fu Haifeng in 2005 at the Sudirman Cup. Can you guess how fast the shuttle was going? 206 MPH!

That’s pretty darn fast if you ask me! So, if you’re looking for some extra speed to easily maneuver during games, go for rackets that perform for speed. As with everything, however, there is a trade-off. Because these rackets are designed with speed in mind (and not power), you’ll have to generate power.


  • head-light rackets


  • defending
  • driving
  • blocking
  • net shots



“I’m looking for a racket that’s good for control.”

even balance, control rackets


Have you ever thrown a frisbee? You pick it up, anticipate how hard and where you’re going to throw it, you throw the frisbee and what happens? It doesn’t even fly in the direction you wanted it to go!

Badminton isn’t exactly the same but it’s similar. Shuttles won’t always go exactly where you want it to go.

Luckily, rackets made to perform for control will help players with more precise shots. With a racket designed for control, you’ll be able to place strategic shots against your competition.


  • even balance rackets


  • power with precision
  • power with control
  • all-around (drop, clear, smash, block)





Every racket is special; each designed with a purpose. Whether it’s for power, speed or control, a great deal of science and technology goes into manufacturing rackets to meet their intended functions.

When you consider the different balance points, along with different flexes, buying a badminton racket will make you want to pull your hair out. But that’s what I’m here for — to help ease the process of buying a racket that will suit you and your needs.

Your next step in choosing a racket is to come talk to me at Digi Sports about the different flexes. I will do my best to pair you with a racket.

Stop by Digi Sports to check us out. We’re open 7 days a week!

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