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Precision Footwork Starts Here: Shop Yonex Badminton Shoes at Digi Sports

Indoor court shoes are your best option when choosing a type of footwear to play Badminton with. Designed for lateral movement (side-to-side), badminton shoes offer more stability and traction for the sport than regular sneakers or running shoes.

Proper shoes for Badminton are made to provide:

a tight, yet comfortable fit to reduce your chance of ankle injury
thinner soles for improved balance by being closer to the ground
specialized grip patterns for sideways movement on the court
Yonex® Power Cushion construction for 3x better shock absorption than urethane

Wear your favorite pair of socks and step foot into the locally-owned San Diego store to find your shoes for badminton! Digi Sports is located in the Grantville neighborhood near Mission Valley East and College Area.