Electrical Diagnostics

Short Circuit

In automotive circuits, currents can easily be in excess of 200-300 Amps, resulting in melted wiring looms and electrical fires. A short circuit will bypass any resistance (power window, speaker, lamp, etc.) in a circuit and cause it not to operate.

Let us help you find your short circuit in your vehicle!

Modern vehicles are more complex to work on than older model cars. It is not just about a simple rachet and screw driver anymore. More electronics and devices are being added into the vehicles now, such as air bags. Here at Digi Sports, we always stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and tools to use. Without the correct tools and knowledge, sometimes working on a vehicle can be frustrating. Just to name the most recent tools we’ve updated: digital multimeter (dmm), circuit tester, scanner, signal scope for audio testing.

Electrical Problems that have been Resolved:

  • brake lights, headlights, signal lights or dash lights not turning on
  • power windows, power door locks, power switches, power antennas
  • vehicle not starting due to electrical problems
  • car audio wiring that were not installed properly
  • vehicle security suddently not functioning, remote is damaged or lost
  • override aftermarket security