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For appointments within 48 hours, call/text (619) 283-3650 to check availability.

Do you need new strings for multiple rackets? Simply create one appointment and specify the number of rackets in the notes. We’ll handle the remaining balance during your appointment.

  • Game-Changing Racket Stringing Service at Digi Sports

    At Digi Sports, our experts deliver precise string tension for both badminton and tennis rackets, utilizing state-of-the-art Yonex electronic stringing machines. This ensures your playing style remains consistent and powerful.


    With experience spanning over 25 years, our dedicated stringing professionals, serving San Diego’s badminton and tennis communities since 1996, have earned unwavering trust. Athletes return to us time and again, relying on our expertise for superior racket stringing services. Experience the difference that expertise and innovation can make at Digi Sports.


    Experience our comprehensive racket stringing service, which goes beyond the ordinary. Our offerings include:

    • Limited complimentary grommet replacements, enhancing the longevity of your strings (full racket grommet replacement available at an additional cost)
    • Expert grommet turning, ensuring the string rests seamlessly on the fresh, unused side
    • Optional pre-stretching for optimal string performance
    • Optional Yonex© logo stencil, adding a professional touch to your strings
    • Convenient same-day returns, guaranteed with a prior appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

What strings should I get?

Selecting the right badminton string is crucial for your game. Yonex strings are rated from 1 to 10, covering key aspects like quick repulsion, durability, hitting sound, shock absorption, and control. Higher ratings signify superior performance. Make an informed choice tailored to your playing style and elevate your game with Yonex badminton strings.

How tight should my string tension be?

Finding the ideal racket string tension is vital for your game. At Digi Sports, we recommend a tension of 20-22 lbs. for beginners and casual badminton players. Achieve a balance of power and precision with 23-25 lbs. To enhance control and shot placement, try 26 lbs. or tighter. Ensure your racket’s durability by adhering to its tension limit, preventing potential breakage. Call or text (619) 283-3650 to get tailored racket stringing at Digi Sports.

Can I provide my own string?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to bring your preferred badminton/tennis string. Simply drop it off with your racket, or schedule an appointment for express stringing service at Digi Sports by calling or texting (619) 283-3650.

What should I do if my string snaps?

Experiencing a snapped string? No worries! At Digi Sports, we understand that racket strings can break for various reasons. If it happens, carefully cut the remaining string in a plus sign pattern to prevent any damage or warping to your racket. Then, bring your racket to Digi Sports for our quick and efficient stringing service, tailored to your playing style.

In the rare case that your racket frame breaks and it’s within the warranty period, leave the strings intact. We recommend sending it to Yonex® for evaluation.

What is pre-stretching, and should I consider it for my strings?

Pre-stretching, also known as pre-tensioning, is a process where strings are stretched before stringing the racket. This technique helps minimize tension loss after stringing, providing consistent performance. At Digi Sports, we recommend pre-stretching for players seeking prolonged tension stability and improved playability. It ensures your strings maintain their optimal tension for longer periods, enhancing your game on the court.

Consider pre-stretching for a reliable and lasting racket performance. At Digi Sports, we offer pre-stretching with our Yonex electronic stringing machines.