Backup Cameras & Sensors

Reversing your car can be a tricky task—especially while parallel parking in a tight spot! But backup cameras and backup sensors can make your life more simple.

Parking Assist Systems

With the rise in popularity of SUVs and Sports Trucks, as well as the increased amount of crossover vehicles with “blind spots,” the use of Parking Assist Systems has grown from optional accessory to necessity. Protect your children and pets from being run over, while also avoiding unsightly and expensive “dings” in parking lots. It is crucial to know what is behind your vehicle, and ideally how far it is from you. A Parking Assist System can give you the comfort and peace-of-mind of knowing exactly how far you are from any object.


  • avoid hitting children/pets
  • avoid paint chips and scratches
  • avoid dents and dings
  • avoid costly bumper repairs
  • reverse with confidence


This product is not intended as a substitute for good driving practices. This backup sensor should only be used as a convenience device to assist in backing up and parking your vehicle. All drivers should visually verify the distance between their vehicles and any objects prior to putting the vehicles in gear and moving.