Car Audio

Enjoy better sound quality on your daily San Diego commute by upgrading your car audio system. Digi Sports can help you acquire this with professional installation by technicians who have years of experience wiring mobile electronics.

Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to properly install head units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, interfaces, adapters, and more.

Car Audio Installation Services

Bluetooth® Integration

Add Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling and music streaming.

Factory System Upgrade

Get better sound without changing the look of your factory car stereo.

iPod/MP3 Integration

Listen to your iPod in full digital format when directly connected to your radio.

Stereo Head Units

Get a new aftermarket head unit installed to suit your needs for convenience.

Car Speakers

Replace your car speakers for better sound quality to enjoy on your drive.

Subwoofers & Amplifiers

Incorporate a sub and amp into your car audio system to deliver accurate bass response.

Bluetooth® Integration

So you have a smartphone with Bluetooth functionality, but your car doesn’t. What do you do? There are a few different solutions to integrate Bluetooth technology into your car audio system. Installing a vehicle-specific Bluetooth adapter is one way if you want to keep your factory stereo. Another option is to replace your current stereo with a Bluetooth-enabled aftermarket head unit. Get started today for easier, safer, and legal use of your phone while driving.

Factory System Upgrade

Usually, the easiest solution to get better sound delivered from your car audio system is to replace your factory stereo. But the way some dashboards are designed can make it difficult to swap out the head unit, requiring it to stay in place; sometimes, you just don’t want to alter the look of your dash but still want cleaner, richer sound when listening to your favorite music.

Fortunately, you can customize your factory car stereo with numerous options. These options can allow you to increase the power, take calls or play music from your phone/mp3 player, or even replace the stereo with one that looks factory but will offer more features. Find out what your options are for your specific vehicle with a scheduled consultation.


  • Add an amplifier
  • Add AUX input
  • Add Bluetooth technology
  • Add a CD Changer
  • Replace your factory car stereo
  • Add HD or Satellite Radio
  • Add your iPod
  • Add multiple sources
  • Add a rear camera or video

iPod/MP3 Player Integration

Direct Connection

Whether your radio is factory or aftermarket, hear your iPod in full digital format when directly connected to your radio.

Keep it Charged

When connected to your vehicle, your iPod will always stay charged.

Audio and Video

Fully control the playback of your iPod music and video library.

Limit the Clutter

iPod integration allows you to limit the clutter of CDs and other music formats.

Add to Anything

An iPod can be added to just about any radio, whether factory or aftermarket.

Stereo Head Units

Instantly boost sound quality and get multiple ways to play your favorite music simply by replacing your original stock stereo with an aftermarket head unit. Aftermarket head units generally have more built-in power compared to factory stereos, allowing your speakers to deliver louder, clearer, more accurate sound.

Car Audio Speakers

As your car ages, its speakers may fail to perform the way it used to or stop working completely. Having your speakers professionally replaced is a time-saving way to ensure you get incredible sound out of your car’s audio system. Our experts have been replacing speakers and fine-tuning audio systems in San Diego since 1996. Their services ensure you get sound as good as or better than the original factory speakers. They know how to install your new speakers properly and give you the best audio output to enhance your driving experience.

Amplifiers & Subwoofers

When it comes to car sound systems, amplifiers and subwoofers provide power and bass to significantly improve your music listening experience. Our installers have the experience and knowledge required to ensure that parts and materials for your car’s sound system are installed properly. By having your subs and amps installed by our technicians, you can be sure to have them fine-tuned to your liking.

For more information on products and installations, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We guarantee to help you find exactly what you need to create the perfect listening environment in your vehicle.

Get Audio Equipment Installed by Professionals Near Mission Valley

Knowledge & Experience

Our technicians have been installing car audio equipment for over 15 years on many different types of vehicles.

Proper Tools

With the proper tools, our techs can install your equipment efficiently with appropriate wiring and connections.

Consultation & Evaluation

A consultation and evaluation with an expert is important when deciding to upgrade your car’s sound system.